Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Confidence Builder

Okay, Today was the hills.
I wrote about them earlier, so this is the update on the hills afterwards. Our hill was 380-400m long. So, Im usually pretty good at hills. Robb tricked us.
He said...We're only doing 3 repeats. So, whatever fine 3 repeats. I was running with this guy named Allen. Hes a little faster than me but I kept up pretty good.
Anyways on our way down, there was one girl who was having difficulty and pulled up the end, and she didnt want to do the other one, so we decided that we would do another one with her, at her speed, so she could get her benefits too.
Great. At then end, there was ANOTHER hill,, and Allen says "Whatchya say, you up for another one?!" I couldn't resist and we do that one too! Thats 5.
So we crest that hill, and then guess what?! ANOTHER HILL!!! Why not?! So, theres another 1! Thats 6. So, I did 6 hill repeats today.

And then on the way back, we were slowed down and chatting and Allen asked me..."How fast do you want to do the half?" And I told him hopefully in 2 hours and hes like "Oh y9ou can probably do better than that"
And that like made my whole day. It was like hmm. maybe i can. But, I am still leaving my goal at 2 hours, and if I do better than that's great!! So, Hills suck doing them, but they apparently pay off, 10 times and again. So I will hang in there.

Overview, slow warm-up, about like 2km or so, then we did our hill, and yah ok. I didn't wear my HRM because it always annoys me due my irregular heart rate. The total distance was 6.89km. time was 43:04. Avg Pace: 6.17/km...(We jogged VERY slowly down the hill) But when we were doing the hills my Maximum Pace was 3:20/km!!!!!! Crazyyyyy.
All in all it was a good run. Can't wait until I start seeing the results.

Now I am off to eat my HEALTHY dinner of Corn, chicken and twelve grain bread. (<---normal post run food is like subways or nothing but Im getting better!)

Im off,

the Hills are Alive

Hello everyone.

Today is the fateful day when our clinic begins hill training. Ha. I am EVER so excited.

Well actually I am excited. I am usually pretty good at hills, and now thanks to Fred I can determine if I am running all repeats at the same pace, which is what the goal of hill training is. Well, one of them atleast.I think. and you have to keep going up over the crest of the hill and we are doing 3 repeats tonight. I do not know what hill we are going to run on. Either Spring hill, or on the Queen street hill.

The hills looks like that. . Yah. . Anyways. The hills are alive.
So, I bought myself a fuel belt. I have pictures but I will upload them later. Really should get back to my homework... But first, this is the answer to my question with the gait...

Hi EmilyDr. Stephanie Adey has email me with this answer."The answer to your question is absolutely. Poor gait/foot mechanics can cause stress to the Achilles tendon causing and inflammatory process to begin which will result in scar tissue and adhesion to be laid down within the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. This can cause a shortening and tightening of the tendon resulting in pain and inflammation if left untreated. Correcting the foot mechanics with an orthotic and treating the injury can alleviate the discomfort."
So that is that. My mom was right. Grrr.
Anyways, I will be on my way,

Monday, February 26, 2007

Life in a SnowGlobe

No Colors today. Just plain old me.

So, we got snow again. It snowed and winded and winded and snowed ALL day yesterday. Well not all day, we got our run in in the morning. Kinda felt like we were in one of those snow globes where you shake it and the snow goes crazy. But now, the wind is gone, it's -1, and fluffy marshmellow snowflakes. Too bad today is a rest day. I may go out for a run. Or maybe a recovery jog. Because we are doing hills tomorrow. Hills are what killed me last time because I am a little nervous. Yes, just a little nervous.

If i do run, it will be fredless, and watchless. Just a relaxing and enjoyful run. I asked Rob two questions.

1)When should one begin taking suplemental energy?
2) Can misalignment in gait cause knee pain and achilles tendon pain?!

Hm. Go read my Summary. Critique.

That is all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Run/Pampered/Summary and Other news

I like this color, therefor this is the colour i will post in today. Yes. Its the little joys in life.
Hahaha. okay.

Anyways, today's run was 10km. Or 6.1 miles. I enjoyed it. I ran mostly by myself, listened to my music. There was like 13408 hills. Ok, thats a bit of an eggaturation, but really there was like 6. And we barely went down hills, we just went up them. BUT thats ok. Cause I like to think that I am good at hills. I just pounded up those hills. Pounded up them. and kept going after. So. Thats good I guesss. Time was 1:01:32. Average pace was 6:07/km. This was also done as 10 and 1's. It was a little bit funny at the end becuase my mom met me at the store, and she came out and shes like, "How was your run" and I was like "Okay, But i need a good stretch" A few minutes later, shes like, "Are you ready To go?" And I was like, "Can you get me a kleenex and a glass of water" and she did. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family.

So. Summary.

Keep in mind I was exhausted. Just so tired. (Thats my excuse. I am sticking to it)

Monday: Rest
Tuesday:5km Tempoish run
Wednesday: Didnt feel like doing anything. Even with the lovely weather, Ijust wanted to sleep. So that is just what I did.
Thursday: See Wednesday. Wait no, I had to work too. And a big test. And grey's was on and it was dark by the time I got home anyways
Friday:9:01km. Dont know what kind of a run it was
Saturday: 5km. Was very tough. Copped out very early on
Sunday: 10km. Lots of uphill. Was pretty uneventful. I could breathe, I could talk, I was sweating, and not many aches and pains.

Total: 29.01km. Only running 4 days per week. Meh I dont even know what to think about it. All I can say was last week I was exhuasted. Ihave begun the gradual overhaul of my diet. *Nods* Thats right...
Hm. I wonder when one should begin taking suplemental energy?!

Tomorrow will be a rest day, as Tuesday we Start HILLS. Yes. We start HILLS!!!!! haha Im kind of excited. We only do 4 repeats. Ill do it! Ill be great. I will be using my MANTRA

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for This"

Color change. Hm. Well, not very good timing, as this is all I have to say.
Hope everyones training is going well, and everyone is smiling;)


OH wait, I lied, I have ONE MORE THING to tell you all...I got my day off work! I can run my race, and not have to quit. Now that makes me really excited:)

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I.am.exhausted. To the point that it is affecting my runs.
I went out for 12 this morning. 2 loops. But I had shin splints. and i was just exhausted. and it bugs me. Ill be doing 10 tomorrow, so I will still reach 29km and only running 4 days this week.

Plan of action...
More sleep?
I am also going to overhaul my whole diet. Like a complete over haul.
Eat 6 small meals, lots of veggies and fruit, vitamins. Anything. And a lot of water.
RACE IN 78 DAYS, RACE IN 78 DAYS, RACE IN 78 DAYS!!!! gotta train. Dont want to exhaust myself. Sigh.


Friday, February 23, 2007


I could die.Seriously. So much homework. School is killing me. Sigh.

I ran today. Not a long run. I dont know what it was. It involved walk breaks, and wind, and sour patch kids and dodging puddles AND ice. Thats right, the environment couldn't just pick one. They had to mix it up. haha. I did 9km. Time was like 1:01. Not a good run. But its okay because its theres still tomorrow and the next day. 10 on sunday for sure, Saturday is TBD (To be determined)

Im not hungry. I havent eaten more than sour patch kids for awhile. Like all day. And I dont really feel like eating. Just sleeping. Yah. Having minor breathing issues. Like super minor. Just need to sleep. Hope all is well.

Ohh and one more thing i found out that if you win your age group or come in the top three there are some really crazy prizes. Now come on, how many 16-19 year old females are there going to be?! Not many! Haha bring on this training.

Only 79 days. Im so excited. So excited. So excited.
Im done,


Thursday, February 22, 2007

I will redeem myself

Yah. Okay so I ran Tuesday, 5km tempo. I wore my brace because my k nee was bugging me but it felt like all of the blood was getting cut off so, I ended up stopping and loosening it. I think the total time was like 30:50. Pretty bad. It was beautiful though!

Wednesday I was so exhausted and just needed sleep BUT i had a test so I had to study ALL night. and then yah I had the test today and it was SOOO hard so if i passed i barely passed. and to top that the fire alarm went off at 4am. I am exhausted and tonight greys anatomy is on, i have 2 assignments to work on AND I have to work 5-8.

But i do have a pplan to redeem myself. Honest. Tomorrow I will be running my long run of 14km. Saturday will be a run of like 8-10km with race pace intervals. That seems to be pretty popular. Sunday I will be running 10k LSD. This way I will still make 4 days running AND I can meet last weeks mileage as well.

Hope all is well,

Monday, February 19, 2007


Ive decided that since I had a super weird dream last night, and its my 100th blog, that I would do a post about life.

First, the dream.

It was Mile 18 in my very first marathon, and this is about the place when a lot of people 'bonk' but not me, I was going strong. I looked down, after feeling a weird twinge in my leg, and I only had one leg. My right leg had been cut off run above my knee. I didnt think anything of it. As we made it to mile 19, I saw myself at University Graduation, Mile 20 was my wedding, and so on and so forth. At mile 26, I was on my deathbed. I looked down at my Garmin and instead of it reading Time/distance/pace, it read 98. I take this to be the age that I die. And then the .2 miles was my funeral. And nobody was there.
This is what I realize. Maybe I am going through life to fast. Focusing on the things that arent important, and ignoring the things that are, like family, friends, time out, etc.
It was kind of like a light bulb moment to me.

The marathon that we call life. We have to take time to enjoy it. Its so precious.

Life Just Isnt..

Life isnt about keepin score. its not about how many people call you and its not about who you've dated, are dating or havent dated at all. it isnt about who you've kissed, what sport you play, or which guy or girl likes you. its not about your shoes or your hair or the colour of your skin or where you live or go to school. in fact, its not about grades, money, clothes, or colleges that accept you or not. life isnt about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and its not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. life just isnt about that..

But life is about who you love and who you hurt. its about how you feel about yourself. its about trust, happiness and compassion. its about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. its about what you say and what you mean. its about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. most of all, its about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that could never have been achieved otehrwise. these choice are what life's about..

The things that running makes you think about.
Enjoy the Marathon

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Summary Week 4--1 I am proud to post

I will post this weeks summary in this post but first I have to catch up on Yesterdays run and todays run. This was I learning experience I have you know.

February 17

Long Run. Distance 11.77km. Time--a long time. Ha It was 1:12. Pace--6:51/kilometer. The mistake that I made on this run is NOT doing the walk breaks that I am used to. See, on my Sunday Runs, we do 10 and 1s. I took 2 walk breaks at very strange points during my run and it turned out to be a very difficult run and Im not sure why. Oh well, It was also at like 7am.

February 18

I dont know what to call this one. I guess..."General Aerobic Run" Not a recovery run I dont think. Distance 8.01km. Time 54:18 No Heart Rate monitor, wanted to focus on how the body felt. I did 10 and 1s today. Didnt make it to the group run, both me and my mother slept in due to a LONG and VERY Stressful day at work. I got super stressed, and then at the end of the night the manager said "if you get stressed, just remember we're not saving lives, we're just selling Chicken" Anyways. I planned on only doing my boring 6k loop but I once again Twisted it up and ran down odd streets, found a mini loop I like and ran it 2 times. This equalled up to 8k. When I was having a tough time I repeated

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this" and I just kinda forgot about the way my body felt like if it was tired and just ran and it felt really good. So good infact that I almost did ANOTHER loop. But then logical Tiger kicked in and said, "Hey Tiger, Your long run was YESTERDAY!!" So I just ran home.

Okay now for the weekly summary that I am super proud to post:)

Tuesday: 4km
Wednesday: SNOW STORM
Thursday: Opted for the Eliptical
Friday: 6.03km
Saturday: 11.77
Sunday: 8.01

Total : 36.71 km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha. Thats exciting.
This week I will add 3km onto my long run. I will not however be running more than 5 days per week. Not yet atleast. I am now icing my tendons for good measure and I had a good stretch!
Have a wonderful day!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Serious Sweat

YUCK! Oh my gosh. I sweat like a water fountain. My gloves were soaked through. They were the light waterproof kind. Haha. Anyways.

I ran my 6km loop. Here are my "Splits" (<----LINGO!!!!)

Kilometer 1: 6:54 (warmup)
Kilometer 2: 5:58
Kilometer 3: 5:43
Kilometer 4: 5:34
Kilometer 5: 6:54(walk Break)
Kilometer 6: 5:58

I took a walk break at kilometer 5 cause it elt like someone was squeezing my chest. So i "listened" to my body. Hahaha.
I had a REALLY good stretch today. Haha ew. But so much sweat. My shins hurt, but everything else is okay i suppose.

Having a girls night!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Possible Dilemma.

My Half Marathon is on Mother's Day. It is also apparently in my Swiss Chalet contract that I work Mother's Day. Well, we don't open at Swiss Chalet until 11 and my Half Marathon starts at 7:30am So I'll finish at the latest at 10am. Okay, well that is not the point. I have been told to book the next day off work, and be prepared not to go anywhere because it hurts.

So, theres still like, 3 months until Mother's Day. So I plan on talking to the General Manager but if it is in my contract what can I do, right? Well, I can quit. I have been planning this since LONG BEFORE I started working there. For over a year. Almost my entire life revolves around this training for this race. The strength training, the way that I eat, the way that I drink, EVERYTHING!!! And I think that if they can't see this and they pretty much don't care, I don't think that this is a place that I want to work. And if i get my job at Golds,I will have something to fall back on. I think that I want just one job. And I would prefer it to be there.

Today, I was all ready to run, and I even went outside, but I was still uncomfortable with the footing. So I have a date with the eliptical after work. According to my half marathon training plan, I am to run 5 days a week, so 5 days a week it is. Tomorrow I will be doing roughly 8. There is not enough time to work out and work, because I will need to shower in between. So ill do it before bed!! I did walk though. I walked with my Garmin so I could see how far it is. I have my routes all scoped out. And tomorrow is going to be like 20 degrees warmer than today!! Its going to be PLUS 7 on MONDAY! Im scheduling like a long run for that day!!!! Haha. Hmmm.

That work thing is REALLY bugging me. I dont know. *Sigh*

Im thinking about doing Harry's 8k spring of to fight prostate cancer. Then theres my half marathon in may and a 15k at the Bread and Honey Festival in June. Thats what I think. Ill use them as training races. Speed work maybe.

I think I have said all I want to say! Ohhhh. I set my Garmin to automatically "Lap" after each kilometer. That way I can analyze "Splits" (Listen to that terminology, im getting good=)) Hahaha.

That is all,


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Anti-Valentines Day

Happy Anti-Valentines day. Yes, that is correct, I am completely agains Valentines Day. People should be nice to each other all the time. Not just on one special day. YES. Anyways.

I decided against running today. Yeah. I walked around the block and hmm I was knee deep in snow. Haha. But i have a date with the eliptical after I get home from work. For like an hour or so. It should be fun. Anyways. Im tired. I got up at 4am to see if schools were cancelled. They hadnt updated it yet. So I finished my paper at 4am, had a nap. (I was on the couch and they had Breakfast Television on) and they announced that schools were closed!!!! I was soo happy but mad at the same time. Oh well, I then went to bed until noon.

Thats my life.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The blizzard of 2007

Thats right, we eskimos down here in Canada are experiencing the "Blizzard of 2007" which also means that schools might be closed tomorrow and I would be SOOO Happy if the schools were cancelled.

I still ran though. Yahh we cancelled todays tempo run for a 4km steady run. We were worried about our footing. Time was like 26 minutes. The wind was in my face. It was not the funnest run. I had frozen Eyebrows and Eyelashes. It was a lot of fun and I was impressed with myself for getting out there. Considering that I could have been at a buffet for Rick's birthday!

The heartrate man came today. Yah. He was talking about Anarobic Threshold, and Aerobic Capacity and V02 Max and all these words that I couldnt understand. He tried to dumb it down but I still didnt understand. Sigh. Oh well.

And...Pain wise my leg is like a 4. Yah. Hmm. Not much else. Not sure if I will be running tomorrow, only due to the fact that we are going to get 50 centimeters of snow. What weird weather.

Keep positive,

Monday, February 12, 2007

Week 4 off to a decent start

Note I say decent, not spectacular but pretty okay:)

Todays run was 6.9km. I changed up my route cause it was getting pretty boring. I did pretty much the same thing but added a mini loop into my big loop! Yeah. Thats a good way of describing it. Time: 47:17 Pace: 6:31/kilmoter. Average Heart Rate: 180 Cardiac Drift: 191. It was pretty easy aerobically. I experimented with strides and I found one that seems to work better. It is easier on the knees. Mind you I only kept it up for like 100m. I dont know if i could keep it up for a while. I just don't know.

My mom talked to Sue for me today. She thinks that I might need orthotics and will give my mom the number for someone tonight. And then I will call this person and see if they bill insurance directly and then I will have orthotics and will be completley pain free.
I hope. Anybody have experience with orthotics? She also said I should be careful and not overtrain, WHICH I AM NOT DOING!!! (look back to 'Lack of A weekly summary' if there is any discrepancies. )

Hmmm.I think that is all. Time for spagetti and Rub A535!

Stay Safe, Run Happy,

**Edit** My mother also told me that Sue said that runners are emotional and if you are working towards a certain goal that you have never met before, your emotions might cause you to get in the way. What I got from this is that Subconciously, I dont want to meet this goal, so my leg is hurting causing it to get in the way. Hmm. Any opinions on that.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Lack of a Weekly Summary"

Today would usually be the day that I do my "Weekly Summary" But since this week sucked so much this will be a "Lack of a Weekly Summary" I only ran 2 times due to very bad pain in the achilles tendon and ankle area. I have however done a lot of cardio this week so hopefully that will make up in some way for the 2 runs I missed. Hm. I am a little disappointed in my progress but I guess its good that I am listening to the stupid body of mine.

I have decided that tomorrow I will be a)Dropping a resume off at Gold's Gym b) Talking to sue at the running room c) Planning a course of action for this dumb tendon/heel/ankle/whatever it is. *(Shhh. dont tell it I said that. I dont want it to get even worse.) ha.

The goals for this week, are going to be modest persay.
I hope to run tomorrow, if only like 5k. Tuesday is my 5k tempo run. Will probably not be run as a tempo run depending on how the heel feels. Probably just a General Aerobic Run Wednesday 8k. Thursday 4k Friday Rest Saturday 9-12 depends Sunday 9k.

The guy is coming in on Tuesday to talk about heart rate. Thats good. Now I will know what the darn thing is for. The leader also mentioned that if you want to PR than Heart Rate Training is a good way to do that. I might just start giving my Heart Rate Monitor something to do again. I took my blood pressure today. It was 100 over 62. Just random numbers that I thought I would share. I have no idea what they mean.

Thats all, Stay Safe

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rub A535

Tomorrow instead of doing my long run I will be making my way up to Barrie to go to a conference, and then go skiing. I have decided that I will get up and still do a long run. And I have also decided I may go Snow Tubing instead of skiing. Just as fun. Not as many calories but just as fun.

I have also been drinking atleast 2litres of water every single day for the past couple of days and it seems to be helping me. I havent drank much today and can tell that I need water due to headache.

Tendon still hurts. Well heel i mean because I dont know if its my tendon exactly. Cannot get to Running Room now until Tuesday. May try arch supports in my shoes. Mom is mad at m/e and doesnt think that I need a new pair of shoes and states, "Well Emily, What if you didnt have money to buy new shoes, what would you do then?" And Honestly Im not sure what I would do. Hmm. For now, I have been pretty much resting. Doing abs, and upper body, trying to keep fit. And of course slathering my poor heel in rub a535 and icing it and even resting it.

I went and saw my gym that will be hopefully opening this month. Not sure but theres a possibility for a receptionist job. That would be the coolest thing. My membership is covered and there is a discount possibly on personal training!! But we will see.

Things are pretty good. School sucks but whatever you gotta do what you gotta do. Im going to ask my boss from my other jobs if they will give me a good reference at the gym! Hopefully everyones training is going well. Im getting a little nervous to the fact that I cant run as much as I want to be.

This weeks TEMPO Run on Tuesday is 5k which is the longest tempo run to date! and...Yup
The end,

Friday, February 09, 2007

Rest it is

Yes, just as the title state, I will be resting for atleast today. I will be going to see Sue at the Running Room tomorrow and see if we can figure out another pair of shoes for me because its got to be my shoes. With everything that hurts, My foot by itself, my heel, my shin, my calf, my knees. And the funny thing is its only when I am wearing these shoes. So we are supposed to be doing 19km this week so I am aiming for that. I just have to do 10 tomorrow or Sunday and I will meet it.

Sigh. This is frustrating. I thought I was over my injuries and NO Out pops another one.

Gotta try to think positive. Race is REALLY SOON! REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON! Like EXACTLY 3 months on Tuesday. Its coming soo quickly. So I will rest now and I will be healed so that I can keep training.

"The courage to start, the strength to endure, the resolve to finish"

Gotta think positive

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am in such a bad mood. I am snapping at EVERYONE and nobody wants to be around me. My body is telling me to take today as a rest day. I have been using "Body Glide Warm FX" on my heel. It has been okay but I do need new shoes. Yah I don't think there is any question of that so I am going to try and sell my old shoes and get a new pair of cushioning shoes.

I drank 2 litres of water today and had a healthy breakfast, but not such a healthy lunch. Oh well. Its part of the bad day I guess. I am running tomorrow during my spare. I have scoped out a route. And...Dont really have much to say.

Trying to Smile


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Feeling Accomplished

My heel was feeling okay today. It was okay during school, and after school so I decided that I would try for a run. Just the loop that I usually do and a little slower than LSD pace. It felt really good. I could have done another loop but I didnt want to push it. That is the thing that I like about doing the same course, the fact that you can kind of compare what you did before. Just the way it felt was different I think and there was snow and its days like these that make you actually feel like you are improving! SO that is a good thing.

Todays run was a "General Aerobic Run" Time: 42.09 Distance: 6.15km. No HRM but I am sure that I was in the zone because I could have been talking to someone, had someone been there to talk to. I hope the weather turns around soon. Or just the wind. If there is no wind I will be happy.

Icing my heel and Icing my knee. Just for good measure!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tempo Run//Disney Marathon

Wouldn't it be cool for my first marathon to be at Walt Disney World in Florida?? I think that would be FANTASTIC and the Running Room is trying to design a clinic for the Disney Marathon as a goal!!!!!! If you are interested email the Mississauga Running Room!!!

Anyways, Today's Tempo run was Fantabulous. We only did 3k and i did it in 16:31. My Garmin lost satelitte so I apparently only ran 125 METERS in 16ish minutes...hahah slow eh?? Well it was a good run!

I also found out that I may be in the wrong shoe and that my shin splints may be caused by too much stability and I should be in a cushioning shoes. Hmm interesting isn't it?? No. Not really since I have another pair of Ascis GT 2110s that I HAVENT EVEN WORN YET! And theyre not even returnable because they were on sale. Also it was suggested that I should get..."Realligned" by a chiropracter because my injury may have put my hips out of line and stuff...

Anyways I gotta go,

I have pain in my "Achilles Tendon" and I cannot figure out why. I have decided that before I think I need to have every possible injury :(*Thumbs Down*

Monday, February 05, 2007

X Training

Today is a scheduled rest day. I have a feeling tomorrows 5k tempo workout is going to be killer so I have decided to stick with it being a "rest Day" From running and do some cross training. I couldnt get to the gym, but my lovely runners world magazines from January to March all have ATLEAST one workout in them. January was just Stretching, February was LEGS and ABS and March was Just Healthy Knee Building Excersizes. So I Did ABS and LEGS From February and a couple of the Healthy Knee Excersizes because goodness knows that I could use it. So I did those for Strength Training, and then I danced around my house like an idiot for about an hour. Hahaha Im soo funny, but who cares, I burned some major calories. (hahahaha)

I also today ate VERY well! I got up this morning and had oatmeal. Had a late morning snack of Carrots and Grapes, Lunch of Egg Salad Sandwhich, and Im having either pasta or Grilled Cheese for Dinner. And to top that off, at lunch when I dont have a spare the next period I am walking. Just to get the blood flowing and my body moving. I was feeling pretty crumby this morning during periods 1 and 2 but at lunch I went for a walk and I felt really good for the third period. When i have a spare period three and a class fourth I will be running at lunch and eating during my spare.

Hm, Oh and I applied for University today. I hope I get in!!

This cold weather is apparently not going to break until THURSDAY! But my mom is picking me up new winter tights so that my bottom wont freeze off! Ill tough it out you just wait and see!!

Race is in 97 DAYS!!! Ahhh!!!!!

Anyways, I have homework. This could be a LOONNGG Semester!

Hope all is Well


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Warmer Weather On the way

Thank goodness. Tomorrow is going to be 9 below, Tuesday and Wednesday are 10 below and Thursday is only 3 below! Well that is wonderful news and its silly becuase I am soo happy!!! I am also investing in something called "Body Glide Warm FX" It prevents Frost Bite AND warms your face up!

This week is going to be a great week! I can feel it:) haha You wait for these crazy numbers. And the healthy eating. Ive been doing good


Not So Long Run/Summary Week 2

So, Today was supposed to be my "Long Run" Done at a 6:34/km pace. Yes, that was originally the plan. Note: I havent blogged in a while because I am visiting my dad and my favourite little sister outside of town this weekend. I will post a picture later. But anyways, I mentioned earlier this week that I was not feeling well and also about my shins and ankles giving me problems, so I took Thursday off due to not feeling well and Friday off due to shin/knee/ankle problems. Saturday my little sister convinced me that instead of running on saturday that we would do some "Cross Training" and that I could go ice skating. SO iceskating we went. Now I am telling you that getting up off ice was probably the extent of the workout. Yes. I am not a good skater. I admit it you cant be good at everything.

But anyways back to todays run. Once again my long run was supposed to be 7km. Yah. **Laughs** I convinced my dad to wake up at 7 30 this morning and take me to the Running Room near his house...and he did. And so I get there at 8 am and there was nobody there because they dont open until 8 30 so we waited in the car yadda yadda yadda. The finally got there about 15 minutes early. Now I had called a few days earlier to see about their practice runs and stuff so they knew that I was coming. Yes. Anyways back to the run. Sorry im not all here still recovering from this mornings run.

Okay so the stats:
3.19kilometers Time: 20:39. No heart rate monitor therefore no Heart stats. Guess what the temperature was?? Can you guess??? Well I dont know becausee I COULDNT FEEL MY TOES FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE RUN! IT WAS MINUS 33!!!!!! Now that is dedication I am telling you. Yes. So its like -11 near where I live so I might run another 7 near my house tonight because I do need to get that in. But until I do, here are the stats for this week

Monday: Scheduled Rest;
Tuesday:4km tempo
Wednesday: 6.1km Steady Run
Thursday: SICK:(
Friday: Sore shins
Saturday: Cross Training. Kindof. Its better than nothing right??
Sunday: A pathetic 3.19km in awful conditions. Yes. Once again better than nothing.

So. the total for this week is only like 13 km.

I am running out of sick days. Soon, I am going to have to call in dead. hahahah im kidding.

Next week, I have a new plan. I will run Monday at lunch because OH YAH i am back in school. Tuesday I will run with the running room. Wednesday: Lunch again Thursday: Maybe try the morning. Friday Rest. Saturday: Long run Sunday: Medium Long run

Mileage hopefully 32km

Thank goodness for this blog. Because I dont want to come in here and tell you folks that I didnt run as much as I said I would. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading'


Thursday, February 01, 2007

1 Day Late

Got too busy to blog after yesterdays run.
So here it is

'General Aerobic Run' (How fast should they be run at anyways?)Distance:6.12km Time:39:45 Pace: 6:39/kilometer. Did not wear heart rate monitor. Sick of its incondescent beeping. Must remember to measure resting HR in the morning. Then go to Polar US website and enter heart rate for the last 3 mornings and they will create my "zones" for me. and THEN there should be no incondescent beeping. This run is always a 'loop'. Thinking of adding onto the loop to make it longer, and then eventually doing it 2 times, maybe even 3 times.

Shins, knees AND ankles were bugging me throughout yesterdays run. Mostly on the right side and they are Still bugging me this morning. It cant be time for a new pair of shoes yet, I have barely 200km on them. They should last 600-700km. Nevertheless, will take them into the Running Room and have my feet reassessed and they can check out my shoes and stride and gait and all that good jazz.

May or May not run today. Body doesnt seem to be up to it.

Thanks guys,

*EDIT*: I was reading a runners dictionary. It said 'Cardiac Creep' - pulse rate increases despite pace stays same due to dehydration. Heart pumps harder to carry the same amount of oxygen. Could this be why my heart beats so fast in the first place??? That I dont drink enough water??? ***LIGHTBULB MOMENT***