Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Confidence Builder

Okay, Today was the hills.
I wrote about them earlier, so this is the update on the hills afterwards. Our hill was 380-400m long. So, Im usually pretty good at hills. Robb tricked us.
He said...We're only doing 3 repeats. So, whatever fine 3 repeats. I was running with this guy named Allen. Hes a little faster than me but I kept up pretty good.
Anyways on our way down, there was one girl who was having difficulty and pulled up the end, and she didnt want to do the other one, so we decided that we would do another one with her, at her speed, so she could get her benefits too.
Great. At then end, there was ANOTHER hill,, and Allen says "Whatchya say, you up for another one?!" I couldn't resist and we do that one too! Thats 5.
So we crest that hill, and then guess what?! ANOTHER HILL!!! Why not?! So, theres another 1! Thats 6. So, I did 6 hill repeats today.

And then on the way back, we were slowed down and chatting and Allen asked me..."How fast do you want to do the half?" And I told him hopefully in 2 hours and hes like "Oh y9ou can probably do better than that"
And that like made my whole day. It was like hmm. maybe i can. But, I am still leaving my goal at 2 hours, and if I do better than that's great!! So, Hills suck doing them, but they apparently pay off, 10 times and again. So I will hang in there.

Overview, slow warm-up, about like 2km or so, then we did our hill, and yah ok. I didn't wear my HRM because it always annoys me due my irregular heart rate. The total distance was 6.89km. time was 43:04. Avg Pace: 6.17/km...(We jogged VERY slowly down the hill) But when we were doing the hills my Maximum Pace was 3:20/km!!!!!! Crazyyyyy.
All in all it was a good run. Can't wait until I start seeing the results.

Now I am off to eat my HEALTHY dinner of Corn, chicken and twelve grain bread. (<---normal post run food is like subways or nothing but Im getting better!)

Im off,


At 9:27 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Your healthy dinner of chicken, corn and 12 grain bread sounds GREAT! Subway can be good too, if you make the right choices...after all, Jared of Subway fame ate ONLY two small turkey sandwiches a day, but he doesn't run like you do!

You're making such great progress, those hill trainings are going to pay off BIG!


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