Friday, February 23, 2007

I could die.Seriously. So much homework. School is killing me. Sigh.

I ran today. Not a long run. I dont know what it was. It involved walk breaks, and wind, and sour patch kids and dodging puddles AND ice. Thats right, the environment couldn't just pick one. They had to mix it up. haha. I did 9km. Time was like 1:01. Not a good run. But its okay because its theres still tomorrow and the next day. 10 on sunday for sure, Saturday is TBD (To be determined)

Im not hungry. I havent eaten more than sour patch kids for awhile. Like all day. And I dont really feel like eating. Just sleeping. Yah. Having minor breathing issues. Like super minor. Just need to sleep. Hope all is well.

Ohh and one more thing i found out that if you win your age group or come in the top three there are some really crazy prizes. Now come on, how many 16-19 year old females are there going to be?! Not many! Haha bring on this training.

Only 79 days. Im so excited. So excited. So excited.
Im done,



At 8:47 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

You must EAT! Food is our fuel AND you need the vitamins to repair your body. EAT!!

You must get enough SLEEP!!! Easy to preach about sleep, but it's a struggle for me too as I have so many things I wish to accomplish with so little time.

Crazy prizes??? Sounds intriguing.


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