Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The blizzard of 2007

Thats right, we eskimos down here in Canada are experiencing the "Blizzard of 2007" which also means that schools might be closed tomorrow and I would be SOOO Happy if the schools were cancelled.

I still ran though. Yahh we cancelled todays tempo run for a 4km steady run. We were worried about our footing. Time was like 26 minutes. The wind was in my face. It was not the funnest run. I had frozen Eyebrows and Eyelashes. It was a lot of fun and I was impressed with myself for getting out there. Considering that I could have been at a buffet for Rick's birthday!

The heartrate man came today. Yah. He was talking about Anarobic Threshold, and Aerobic Capacity and V02 Max and all these words that I couldnt understand. He tried to dumb it down but I still didnt understand. Sigh. Oh well.

And...Pain wise my leg is like a 4. Yah. Hmm. Not much else. Not sure if I will be running tomorrow, only due to the fact that we are going to get 50 centimeters of snow. What weird weather.

Keep positive,


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