Friday, February 09, 2007

Rest it is

Yes, just as the title state, I will be resting for atleast today. I will be going to see Sue at the Running Room tomorrow and see if we can figure out another pair of shoes for me because its got to be my shoes. With everything that hurts, My foot by itself, my heel, my shin, my calf, my knees. And the funny thing is its only when I am wearing these shoes. So we are supposed to be doing 19km this week so I am aiming for that. I just have to do 10 tomorrow or Sunday and I will meet it.

Sigh. This is frustrating. I thought I was over my injuries and NO Out pops another one.

Gotta try to think positive. Race is REALLY SOON! REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON! Like EXACTLY 3 months on Tuesday. Its coming soo quickly. So I will rest now and I will be healed so that I can keep training.

"The courage to start, the strength to endure, the resolve to finish"

Gotta think positive


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