Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"The Purist

So, I may not be running again today. I still have that headache but I also woke up with a fever of 101. So, We will see if i can get it out of my body by 5 o'clock, but I took a quiz online that I got from the about.com website, and it was "To run of your sick or not" Or somehting like this.

It says that since right now my body is having trouble regulating my temperature it will have an even more difficult time with excersizing. But we will see. Right now just sitting here is a chore.

I was reading my Runners World, and I am a PURIST

"Your main motivation is running for runnings sake--You like how you feel afterward. You might race or you might not. Running is part of your routine; it makes you feel complete. How fast and How far you run is based on your percieved needs, how nice of a day it is and your surroundings. You hope to run a decent amount in your life. Purists are most adept at 'mindfullness' or just running without judgement. They are more likely to base their rythm and pace on their strong attunementto internal states. They are also able to be flexible and notice elements external to themselves"

Hello. Internal states. Running for sanity. This is soo me! Kinda neat actually. There is also the "Warrior", "The Socializer" and "The Excersizer"

Okay its nap time



At 7:16 AM , Blogger Jinxy said...

I was a purist as well.


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