Monday, January 22, 2007

Today was a fun day. I went and got my timetable for school. This was done by 8:50. Then my mom gave me the option of going home or spending the day out!! So we did. We went to "Sizzlin' Jacks" for breakfast which was supposed to be the best breakfast in town, and let me tell you, it was:) Mmm. Mexican Omelet. Then we made our way to Oakville for the day for my moms hearing appointment. We were...3 hours early. So we walked around in Oakville. Ladeedadeeda. I shouldve brought Fred with us to see how far we walked. We found the Oakville running room, and went in to look around. They all have the same stuff I guess. Then we went to her appointmenet and had a pita for lunch. Yum. We then picked my sister up from the sitters, and came home. My mom starts her walking class. Fred is going with her. I signed up for Yesterday. Yah. Now I gotta figure how to work it. Anybody got it?

Now, on to the stuff that everyone cares about.. RUNNING!!! CLINC STARTS TOMORROW!! butterflies went from little teeny flutterbyes to big dinosaurs. Needless to say im so nervous.
But Fred is going to be there!! And I am leaving my HRM at home. It DRIVES ME CRAZY! Possibly from the "Chestal Bounce" But Ethel is staying home for a while.
And as for yesterdays post that made absolutely NO sense, I have figured out an answer. I will try this "Listen to your body thing" I will follow the running room training plan, making adjustments where needed. The only thing about changing the tempo/speed workouts is the fact that we run together on those nights. Hmm. Interesting.

And If it doesnt work for me , I will train for my marathon alone. I will use "Tigers Training Schedule" I guess that this is an art and you never know what works for you until you try. I am also buying a case of sports beans. They seem to work for me.

Okay, Wish me Luck, I will update after tomorrows "TEMPO" workout. (NOTE: Heartrate spikes at the word "TEMPO" or "SPEEDWORK"


P.S. 111 days until my RACE!! ahhahaha


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