Monday, January 15, 2007

Half Training Butterflies

So. Rob is the "Coach" to the running club I joined. The half marathon clinic.
He will be our fearless leader.
He better be fearless because I am super scared!!!! Well not of 21.1 km and not of the LSD runs,
but of the TEMPO runs. And the SPEED work.
Yes. Thats right, the very first run that we do, Tuesday is 4km. 4km under normal circumstances is just fine, dandy and wonderful but no, its a TEMPO run. This is the schedule they gave me Here

Then the next day, the Wednesday, guess what kind of a run we have??? GUESS!! It is another Tempo Run. So. Let me tell you this blog on Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly thursday just may be about how much pain I am in after these workouts. But this is a running log and you are all in it for the long run. Hahah. But I do assume that they will get easier. Maybe Im just overreacting! I think I am overreacting.
But that doesnt take away the butterflies. I just dont want to risk reinjury. Any Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

Tiger the racer with a little bit of nerves

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At 11:22 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Tried to look at your schedule, but received an "access denied" page...will need to register and wait for a password. Speedwork on consecutive days is rare, better would be a rest day or two between hard workouts. Butterflies are normal, I would get butterflies too with your circumstances running with others, you injury recovery, and performance anxiety!


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