Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So, i have redeemed myself. Not at 4 50 this morning, but I have redeemed myself non the less.
I left at 8pm this evening down a very well lit route.
I wasnt nervous it was a beautiful night, and I had my phone if I needed it.
And I worked on my pace. I ran like 7 kilometers at 7 minutes per kilometer. It was a nice, easy enjoyable run.
My knee is a teeny weeny bit sore but its all good. The ice pack will once again work its magic=)

I think we have overcome an obstacle. Me and my family we have.
I think that they are finally interested in waht I am doing. I think that they finally realize how important this is to me. I guess I was glowing because of my race. Heck, Im still glowing cause I finished, not in the time I wanted but I FINISHED=) Hehe. So tomorrow, i will try and find the time to run but I have to do the two jobs AND go and get my bank card from my friend Blayne.

But i dont mind running at night. As long as it is a lit route. Probably not as much as today, and probably not as many hills.

So today was a good day. Only 129 days until my race. Starting to eat healthier.

Keep running and Keep Smiling

Tiger the Racer


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