Sunday, December 31, 2006



So, I just ran my VERY FIRST RACE!!Yep. Well it was more of a run. So. Bear with me on this report.The weather was NOT pleasant. The morning was BEAUTIFUL! Sunshine and everythingThen, it started getting crappy. I only had breakfast at 11:00am and it was only nutella toastand a smoothie. Not enough definately, I found myself in the car on the way to my race eating Care Bears Fruit snacks and diet koolaid Jammers. (NOT A GOOD IDEA, ENDED UP ALMOSTTHROWING THEM UP)

It was -1 degrees celcius. The winds were 19kmh coming from the...I don't actually know. All I know is that they were come towards my face. It was also like Humid and Rainy.Now there are 2 things that bother my asthma:
1) Humidity
2) Wind

So. This race was already not off to a good start. The race started at 4 15. I was hoping for a sub 26 minute 5k. Not fastBut reasonable in GOOD conditions.

So here we are. The race starts uphill. There was about...150runners. Including some kids. So. Here there I am running into the wind. Not discouraged yet. Just keep going. I was telling myself that I wasalready a winner for getting of my butt and going to race. What a way to ringin the new year.

I was struggling like 8 minutes in. Well, thats a lie, I wasstruggling right at the beginning. But at 8 minutes, I decided I was going to doWALK BREAKS. Every 10 minutes. Or so. So at 10 minutes I walked for a while.My whole body turned numb and my fingers were like cramping up. So I decidedto walk for a minute.

About a minute and a bit later, I started running again.And I kept running until 18 minutes. then I walked for about 2 minutes.(Isnt this interesting) ha. So, then I saw some of my friends that were directing people and they were like "Hi Tiger, Good job, Keep Going"And then I picked up my pace. There goes the ENDORPHINS.So then I kept running and running and running and running!!!I was almost done. i looked at my watch at 24 minutes and I still had about1.6 km to go.

Then I saw Leanne who works at the running room and she said"hey you, good job, keep going" and I pushed my butt and ran the last stretch in like five and a half minutes. So my final time was30:04 and considering conditions, I thought that I did okay.It was a tough race, and a learning experience. Note to self: Dont dress too warm

So next time my race will be in the morning. That way, I wont have to starve all day.I don't know how my knee feels. I did the "Preventitive Maintenance" thing and took advil..

Whayt's next??? The Mississauga (Half) Marathon

So Thats that!Hope you enjoyed my VERY FIRST RACE REPORT!And sorry if it was boring next time will be better and maybe I will have splits.

Note: Pictures to come!(from both vacation and run) Gotta get bowling! Go me !



At 1:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy! I responded to your 5k race report at! Also, I didn't know you bowl too!! I'm on a bowling league on Sunday nights and my current bowling average is a mere 133. I would like to raise my average to 150 during 2007! Happy trails, Bruce


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