Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bad Things happen In 3's

Or so the superstition says. I've mentioned my friend having untreatable cancer. Now my Aunt is visiting the Toronto Cancer Hospital because they think she has cancer. What next? My knee or throat? Probably not. I cant even predict what it is going to be. I dont think I can handle anymore.

I've been having the "Foot out the door syndrome" lately. Well I should say "Foot out of bed syndrome" Not only can i not get out the door to run, I havent had the modivation to get out of bed. I just feel soo tired. And now that I think of it, I dont have a reason to be tired. I had like a week off almost. And i havent been a party animal, jusst like a lot of sleep. I slept in the car all weekend whenever we would drive. I do not know what wrong with me. Like Im sitting here wishing I was asleep. I need to run. I cannot function if i do not run. Especially with what is going on.

My parents dont care if I get out the door or not, and now that I dont have my clinic I just cant seem to find the Modivation. I need a running partner. I need someone to kick my ass and tell me to get out the door. I dont want to waste the precious minutes. We get so very few.


At 11:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great-grandmother always said, "Bad things happen in threes!" I wonder how old that phrase is, and whether it's based on some ancient fact? Nevertheless, life moves on, and so must we...must put that foot in front of another and get moving. Get running and let those endorphins work their magic!

At 7:44 PM , Blogger Arista Pagosa said...

Keep running! Sadly, my roommate's grandmother died yesterday and then today my best friend's father died. I'm worried...


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