Saturday, December 16, 2006

Honest! A very good, Old friend of mine is coming down to visit me.
It has been so long. So, I am going to tell you a story.

We met each other when we were very small but didnt really know each other until Grade 8 and we became friends. Grade 8 was probably the best year of my life. We were free but still had the support of family. Or so I thought.

Grade 8 was a tough year. Not school wise but everything else wise. My mom left. That was a big deal. I was so upset. But now, sitting where I am living with her, and having the life that I have compared to the life that my brothers and sisters have, I am grateful she did. (And some of you are probably thinking she doesnt want the other ones, she has offered to take them but they dont want to come here) Anyways, back to the story. My dad started drinking agian. My home became unsafe. I got thrown into "the system". We were doomed. Thats what everyone told us, we were doomed. With all we had been through, everyones money was on seeing us fail. We were going to end up on welfare doing nothing with our lives. Fortunatly, we all had good homes. We were spllit up but allowed to see each other. Didnt matter how good that home was, we all need a break from reality.

And thats where my Megan came in.
We talked. I stayed at her house. She helped to me escape the painful reality I was living in. Grade 8 grad night came. I thought that my Mom wasnt coming, and she helped to calm me down (And she came by the way) We promised we would never grow apart. We stayed in touch for awhile. She helped me to paint my room. I guess you could say she saved my life in a way. Shes such a positive, happy going person, no matter what shes been through. Such an individual. And as I have said before, a positive attitude is contagious.

She went through a rough patch there, and we grew apart, partially because I didnt know where she was for awhile, and I was like 100000 miles away (Actually about 45 minutes but when your 15 and dont have a car and rely on the transportation from parents it feels like 100000 miles)
I have just recently come back into touch with her
Shes coming down to see me tomorrow. And sleeping over. I dont work monday so we are spending the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY together. Just like old times! I betchyou that it will be like that. It was the last time we were together. Its exactly what i need with working life being so lonely and everything.

So thats the story of my Megan. I am so very incredibly happy. I wont post until late Monday, but then I will have pics!

Catch up with an old friend. Give someone you love a hug. Just smile for no reason.

Have an awesome rest of the weekend everyone,


P.S. MRI is tomorrow. pray for good results:)


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