Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank You

I am so Lucky.
I am so lucky to have met such supportive people. After I emailed Chris, I emailed the lovely ladies that I run with.

Lovely Ladies,
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you this. I will not be continuing on with the clinic. During Yesterday's 7.5km run I had sharp shooting pains down my knee and a lot of pain when I was running. I ended up walking for like 10 minutes and ran the rest of the way. I talked to Chris and he also thinks that I should wait until the next clinic, and focus of fixing my knees. They held up until hills, after hills, i guess, they were toast. Today they are swollen, and running is for life, so I am going to take this time to fix them.
It has been fun! You both were a great motivation to me. I will probably see you around.
When the going gets tough, as a wise woman once said
"You are strong, you are fit, you trained for this"
Im there cheering you on guys. Good luck and thanks for the fun~

Thats what I said to them. That was hard to write. But i wrote it. I wasnt expecting a reply. But I got one. This is what Helen said.


That is such sad news... I am so sorry...

Hey... I am here for you when you need a 'running buddy'...

please... keep in touch.

If you are up to the short runs mid week or weekends to get you moving slowly again... let me know... I'll try to make sure I can run with you.

I hope to be there for the Sunday runs for sure... even after this clinic in done... so hopefully we'll get together then.

You're right to be careful.... don't encourage an injury to become a permanent issue... ..
Hope I can be there for you!


I am so grateful to everyone. Not just my "running buddies" but to everyone who has helped me along the way. To my family who has put up with me talking about my runs and waited on my hand and foot while I couldnt walk. For the doctors and my physio therapist. For everyone. For the people on the forum who have answered all my questions. To my science teacher who fostered the idea.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it

Im gonna make it after all



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