Sunday, November 26, 2006

So, I have just had, the worst run of my running career. Halfway through my run, My knee started killing me, had sharp pains going through my knee. I ended up walking about 15 minutes overall. It was really frustrating. Chris was walking with me for a little while. He told me that a) I go out to fast and b) He doesn't think that my knee is ready for me to run in a clinic again because like I cant even get the whole experience with hills and stuff. He said that he would put me into January's clinic.

I dont know though, its kind of one of those "Not finishing what I started things" I guess that I could just run on my own, working on pace in a non competitive environment. I do think that it would be a little boring.

And then there is my plan of a half in may. But if I keep working on my pace, and building my base then I could use the 10k clinic for speed and STILL do my half in may.

Of course this is all dependant on the scan that I will have on december 17@ 9 am

Obiously this is my desison but do you guys have any opinions?


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