Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tiger+Hills=Gimpy. Sigh. Hills suck. Hills seriously stink.
There gotta be a trick to them!! Does anyone know a trick to them? If its a secret I PROMISE not to tell.
So we only did 3 hill repeats. Not even that big. We BOLTED up a hill and jogged back down. He didnt want us to be able to talk when we reached the top of hill. It was 1.5km there and 1.5 km back. The way there was fine the way back was bad I felt like I was hopping.
Yes. I noticed going down the hill was harder because my feet landed differently.
Next week we do four repeats. Hopefully I will do better. Maybe I shall eat before. Like a bean salad 4 hours before so I have energy.
I felt lethargic today, mostly cause of the weather! The fog was super thick!!! And it was humid..That sucked.

So here i sit...icing my knee, waiting for someone to tell me the secret!!!


At 11:13 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Howdy Tiger!
No secrets, hills are just hard work! Normally I would shorten my stride up a hill and keep my gaze at the top of the hill, which helps me to focus. Hang tough! Happy trails, Bruce


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