Thursday, November 09, 2006

My fish died. But she left us new fish. Like 14 of them. My turtle smells. Thats all that is going on in my life...

In other news, I just ran 4km. WEll actually 4.8km. In 24.5 minutes. Thats like a minute less than i did it before.!! Im impressed if I do say so myself! Pace was about 5:12.

I took my puffer before I went just because I wanted to try it. It works wonders I did not have any issues. None at all. Well I think IM getting a chest cold because my chest was burning but all in all it was good. Next Sunday we are doing 8. THen we are doing hills. ha. Hills. Not looking forward to that im telling you!!

I wrote something. It has no name. So thats where allyou lucky people come in. I need help naming it. Keep in mind I am not a writer and you may find out that i shouldnt quit my day job but forget about all that and try to enjoy it.

It makes a good day better
and a bad one barely pass
Be them day or night
Our days they do enhance

If its cold or warm
Or full of snow and wind
We're out there pounding pavement
Its the greatest addiction

If you listen really closely
Youll notice your whole body in rythym
Your heart and lungs and outer limbs
all working together in unison

Its a really neat obsession
With improvements everday
So lets all hit the pavement
and run so far away

Ha yah...thats my peice of work. I kinda almost wrote it on my run. I met someone new. We were at the front of the pack BUT i didnt know where we were going!!

Anyways Im going to bed!
Soon! Bye guys have a good run! and I need a NAME for it!!!!



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