Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today was the groups long run.
I found Today exceptionally difficult
I gave up on racing everyone.
That was my goal for today, just to run at my own pace
I am competitive.
But I ran at my own pace.
I don't think I was going too fast.
But it was like Mountainus Terrain ( Slight eggaturation)
But I stuck to it.
It was only 6km which to you crazy people is nothing
But it was alot to me
Felt Almost like giving up
Because I was running by myself today
Knee was okay, but lungs were sore
The weather was windy.
Had a weird pain in my neck. Kind Of scary

Next run is 4k. Should be like 100000000 times easier.
The only reason I am sticking with it is because it will get easier
And I know that.

Physically it was a tough run,
It was even tougher fighting myself and telling myself not to give up
Kinda like life I guess.
Still scared about the doc thing

Gotta go sory for the incomplete thoughts


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