Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My newest adventure

Okay so here is the first update on my new blog....I signed up for my class. i have to miss the first day so I hawill catch up next week with them. It is every Thurssday at 6 30 and they talk about clothes or shoes or something but I am going to be great. We start at like...well I am not exactly how high we start but then we work up to 10 k and then we do the resolution run. Hmmm what else. I met two people on Sunday. I was doing 5km and I was doing it by myself but I was starting at the running room. My mom asked if there was people for me to run with and sure enough there were 2 others doing 5 km...I didnt want to run with them because the last experience that I had with running with someone I was walking as fast as she could run..but sure enough they were just my pace. The one girl was doing a 5k class the other a 10k...and since w did 5 k that day we convinced the other girl to run with us:) Yay and we have agreed to meet Tuesday instead of wednesday and then Thursday and Sunday!!! Ha I am soo excited

I am graduating on friday! It will be great! I have found my dress and it looks great! I will post pics as soonas I get them! I am soo excited.

But I gotta Go I am sooo tired! this working two jobs is getting to me! Will update tomorrow!!!



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