Thursday, October 19, 2006


Okay so I graduate tomorrow and I am happy to say that i am going to look GREAT!! i got my gorgeous dress and my gorgeous shoes and of course my gorgeous body:) Okay enough of that.

Today was the first day of my class but I had to work. And that is totally fine because my knee hurts anyways, so I am going in tomorrow and asking what I missed. And I will probably end up buying something. GO ME! ha...

PT tomorrow. She wants to reasses me because i have like a dull ache and then sometimes i get sharp pains and then i have a problem where it locks..ha KNEES SUCK! but a runner is nothing without her knees right? So I gotta let it heal and as long as I am not back on the sidelines I will be superb.

Anyways gotta get some beauty rest. Ill post some pics later! I am bringing like 2 cameras and me and my girls are hopefully going out after!!



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