Thursday, October 26, 2006

Okay, so I havent updated in awhile. Atleast I cannot remember updated..who knows what i do in my sleep;) hehe.

Monday was a no running day because I was exhausted. Actually it was the end of Ramadan and Chuck E was CRAZY busy so I did a double. On Tuesday I cam home and went to bed at like 6pm!! Go me. But i was tired because I hadnt stopped working since like Thursday. Yesterday I went to the running room and ddid a practice run. It was hell and a half getting there because the of everything and I was j ust having a bad day anyways. but I had a good sob on the way to the bus and then I had the most theraputic run of my whole entire life. It was great. It wasnt a nice night but I felt soo good afterwards. We did about 5kilometers. My average pace was 6.26km/hr... or about 10.9 min mile. Once I can get the ipod and nike thing working I will post the like actual splits but Im too tired and have no patience for that right now;)

Today was my actual class. It was good. its pretty big about 15 people. There are a couple really fast people. He wants to do like 10k in 40 minutes. That is crazy. Haha. but do able I guess. I shaved like almost an entire minute off my kilometer. i was doing an 8:55 mile. Not bad, but I think I overdid myself My IT band is hurting very badly and so is my knee. But thats okay Tomorrow is a rest day. i was looking at a polar heart rate monitor. Just something basic so I dont kill myself. I was reading about overtraining and thats scary. I dont t hink I am at risk yet but I want to be on the safe side.

I signed up for my 10k resolution run today. That is superbly exciting I think. i get my hat and my vest on the day of the race. SOon i will have to get my winter running clothes. I am not looking forward to trying out how i will be running in the winter. I dont kno because I get winter allergies. But only time will tell.

Anyways I am tired and watching grays anatomy

later gators.
Keep Smilin


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