Friday, October 20, 2006


Hmm..cant remember if I have written a post about commencement yet...oh well if I did it was how I thought commencement would be!!! But here is how it was....awesome! It was soo great to see all the old friends again and see where they have come. And even the teachers too. It's amazing because there were like 3 teachers that made a really big impact on me. My science teacher, my gym teacher and my drama teacher. My drama and gym teacher i had for like 3 years for atleast one class and then my science teacher is the one to blame for all this running. Ha well really not to blame maybe to thank:)

And I looked FABULOUS! Well atleast I think i looked fabulous and I got my diploma and a cheque for 30$ for the highest mark in co-op.

I will post pics as soon as I develop my film. Yes...

Anyways after commencement we hung around and went out for dinner. I was out til like 1 am. Its a nice change being out that late doing something you want to do rather than working.

Im going to bed!! Thanks for reading everyone.



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