Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today I went to see the orthapedic surgeon. Nothing to be scared about. He is sending me to get an MRI. Lucky me they are going to stick me in a box and take pictures of me. Whatever though. We might jsut figure out waht is wrong then. Hopefully it is nothing surgical. I don't really want to go under the knife. Worked 15 hours again today. Pretty tired altough I can actually talk in sentences today! Thats a plus. My hands have hives all over them thanks to cleaning chemicals...yucky...

Tomorrow I have to take my brohter to work with me because he cant go with my mom or step-dad. Oh well, he can help me wiht my cleaning and stuff! yes. I also have to make the appointment for my ultrasound of my throat and my needles. Gah I hate needles. The doc asked me how I was with needles and is aid.."oh I grin and bear it if it has to be done" Thats a good thing then.

Anyways I need some sleep. I am running 4 km tomorrow be it on break between work or with the running group. All I know is that I am running and I will go CRAZY if I cant.

See yah later


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