Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Turtle//Blue fingernails

I GOT A TURTLE!!!!! Thats right, I got a turtle. His name is Sheldon. Hes a red eared slider and he is VERYYY CUTE!!! I like him alot.

I ran the longest I have EVER Run today. 7.7km. Im over halfway to the halfway point of a half marathon. Thats right.. YES! It was okay too. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I had my friends there:) And we ran and we ran and we ran. I dont remember the time or the pace but the fact is that we finished it. We were supposed to walk only 3 minutes (we were doing 10 and 1s) And we ended up walking about 5. My poor fingers turned blue. I dunno but it was a little creapy. So we walked a minute and then I was okay! 7.7!!!!! I still cant get over that ! I am soooo happy, walking on cloud nine!!!! Well maybe running.!!! The breathing was kinda tough today too but i pushed through it. My average heart rate was 85% of my MHR. Not bad not bad...

I dont know what else to say except...

I DID IT!!!!!



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