Monday, November 06, 2006

Sigh* Lonely Today

I have a whole day off today. Its pretty cool, I don't work anywhere. But Im a little lonely today. It kinda sucks. Theres nobody to talk to, nothing to do. I have played with my little buddy sheldon today. And I have cleaned my house and my ipod is charging. I would go for a run but my lower body is a little tired to day. Especially my calves and knees. I would normally go on the eliptical but I dont want to push it.

Sigh. working life sucks. It really does. I want to go back to school soon. I never ever thought that I would say that. I bought new yoga pants to run in today from winners...20$$ so thats not bad...

Did i mention that as of yesterday i am over half way to the halfway point of a half marathon. That is pretty exciting. My race is pretty soon. Well maybe not really soon but soon enough for me. Ill be okay thouhg...Not this thursday, but NEXT thursday we are doing hills. HILLS! Hah i dont really even know what hills do for you?

What does hill training do for you?? Ah.. This is my mantra.

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this"

ima go. Find something to keep me occupied. Running tomorrow..5k i think



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