Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He Died. Sheldon died. Mom called me at work to tell me this. Dont I have a great mom. We took him back to the fish store...(what else are we supposed to do with a dead turtle) They gave us a new one. His name is Franklin. He looks healthier than sheldon ever did. Hopefully this one will last longer!!

I ran today. Ran for me and ran for sheldon. Just the old route i used to do that is by my work. Only like...4 or 5 km. Its kinda neat because I ran it like it was nothing. I remember when I could only run from the first block to the like 4th light post.

I am improving! Im gonna make it after all~ I was starting to doubt it because of my knees. (they have been bothering me significantly=( ) But I am gonna make it!!!

Going to talk to my science teacher friday, after they stick needles in my arm and before they ultrasound my throat =*(Im not worried yet, everythings gonna work out) and see if he is gonna do the half with me in MAY! im gonna convince him with my super power of persuasion.

Tomorrow we are doing HILLS! Hill repeats thats right. Not looking so forward to that but hte fact is that is going to be key for my speed.

Happy running all



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