Monday, November 13, 2006

Sundays Lovely Run

Yesterday i had a GREAT run. It was only 1 degree celcius and i was wearing my jacket and my reflective thermal running gear. The sky was overcast, and I had forgotten my mittens. There was a slight wind also.

The route we ran was mountainous terrain. Well, that is what has been decided amoungst me and the others that I run with. It was mostly rolling hills though, nothing too serious.

I got into my grove. I just started running and I went. And what surprised me most is how strong I was on those hills. I just flew up them like they were nothing. Pretty empowering. No stitch in my neck today. Also, No gadgets. They tend to throw me off a little. I listen to much to my heart rate and not enough to my body. I am reducing my gadgetry for a while.

My breathing was ok. There was maybe 2 times that I was having trouble catching my breath, no matter how fast I tried to catch it. Ha maybe that was a bad pun. But you know it was nothing that was going to make me stop.

And what was this distance you ask...yet another PR for distance.. are you ready....DRUMROLL PLEASE

8.6km. And I know that some of you reading this are thinking that it is nothing but the fact is that it is the farthest I have ever run. And probably the fastest. My ipod thing doesnt measure distance right. So those other times are not right. I was running a 5 minute 58 second kilometer. Last weeks long run we were running 7 and a half minute kilometers according to the garmin.

Rest day today, Tomorrow I am running 9km!!!!! well I am going to try to run 9km. My knee is a little bit sore today, nothing I cant handle. Sigh* feeling really proud!=)

Happy days everyone,


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