Thursday, November 23, 2006

100 list

Okay, I made a hundred list. Yes I have too much time on my hands!

1. My name is Emily Ruth
2. I was named after my dads mom and my moms mentor, Ruth Cassidy
3. She died when I was Really tiny
4. My first friend was Nicole. We went to school together until grade 7. I still talk to her
5. I had a good childhood until grade 6
6. I came from a big family. Im the oldest of 6
7. I lived in the same house until grade 7
8. Grade 7 my parents seperated
9. October 17th was the worst day of my life
10. Lived in a shelter with my mom and siblings for 2 whole months
11. Moved into a new house, met new friends
12. Mom met someone in April 2002 and moved in with him
13. Lived with my dad, and we didnt get along
14. Was put in the "system" for 8 months
15. I am VERY grateful for the family that took me in
16. Went home to my dads December 17th, grade 9 year
17. Honeymoon period ended the end of january
18. Called my mom from school a lot, wanted to move in
19. Contemplated STUPIDNESS that I look back on and cant believe what I was thinking
20. Realized who my true friends were
21. Moved in with mom. Hardest Decision of my whole entire life
22. Turned out to be a good one.
23. Started new school. I was soo very shy.
24. Slowly made new friends.
25. Was failing my classes when I moved.
26. Saved my grade 9 year
27. Things start to look up
28. Worked at Chuck E Cheese. I was a good character
29. I didnt talk for the first year at work
30. Now you cant shut me up. NObody believes me when I tell them I didnt tell them that.
31. I graduated highschool last year
32. I thought working life would be greatr
33. I have found out that it was no fun and that it is super lonely
34. I cant wait to go back to school
35. In January I will be going back to get highschool credits
36. I am going to be a highschool gym teacher
37. My favorite teacher i still talk to
38. She was my grade 3 teacher
39. I hope to have the same passion for my job as my teachers do. My science teacher, drama teacher and gym teacher
40. I see being a gym teacher as a no fail excuse to not work out
41. I am a runner
42. Atleast thats what I would like to be.
43. I blame it on my science teacher. More like I should thank him
44. When I started my asthma was out of control. I quit
46. Got it under control and started back up again
47. I tore my ACL doing YOGA BOOTY BALLET
48. I threw the tape out
49. I couldnt walk for a month
50. I am just getting back into it after 3 months of Physio
51. I will be running a 10km race on new years eve
52. People think I am crazy for running new years eve
53. They think that I am crazy for running at all.
54. I dont smoke.
55. I believe that if i dont smoke that I can invest in some good shoes or some cute running clothes
56. I got into running to keep my mind off other things
57. Running has become my escape
58. I actually believe that it gives me the strength to cary on another day.
59. Someday I will run the Boston Marathon
60. I have big dreams
61. Right now I dont think I am doing enough with my life
62. I think Christmas should be more about family
63. I think it has become very superficial the last few years
64. Movie stars are nothing specail
65. Its the people that are real that are special.
66. People like princess diana and the firefighters and paramedics are the real heroes.
67. I wanted to join the army and be a firefighter
68. Was told that they couldnt see me carry them out of a building
69. Wanted to go into construction
70. Volunteered for habitat for humanity and loved it.
71. Im allergic to dust
72. My houses are still there and I love the fact that I can drive by them and they will still be there in 40 years (god willing)
73.I dont like the news because it is depressing
73. I have a lot of room in my heart to love someone
74. I have high standards for men in my life
75. Sometimes I think they are too high
76. I used to want to have a baby when I was sixteen
77. Now I am GLAD that I didnt. I want to live my life
78. I dont depend on anyone but myself
79. Have a hard time trusting people
80. I dont cry very often
81. Sometimes i dont feel anything at all
82. That terrifies me when that Happens
83. I write poetry to make myself feel better
84. Its not very good
85. I love music
86. I dont discriminate I listen to anything except rap.
87. I love the song "With love from me to you"
88. It makes me dream
89. I am a dreamer
90. I will do great things one day
91. Ive done some pretty dumb things
92. Diets dont work. Laxitives dont make you relax
93. I miss my dad. Somehow I feel guilty
94. I love my step dad. He is awesome
95. Mom and I are best friends and worst enemies.
96.I am very proud of myself for turning my life around
97. I want to help others one day
98. I believe a single person can change the world
99. I change my mind a lot and tend to over react
100. Everyone needs 6 hugs a day to grow.

So thats my hundred list. If you are still reading good for you. Its pretty boring.
Thats probably MORE than you EVER wanted to know about me
I encourage you to make a 100 list too. You learn things about yourself.
So what do you think. Comment me. Anything you want to know? Comment me.

Take care


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