Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today we went for sundays 8ish run. Yes. 8ish. Just so when they say we go 6.8 and it really turns out to be 7.6 nobody cares. Ha. Today was only like 8.3km. I ran with Helen and Chris. We ran pretty fast. Like 48minutes. almost 2 minutes faster than last time.

Uhm. TMI begins...I had to go to the bathroom when I was running. It started like the 3rd kilometer so for like 5 km i almost died. Didnt wear my heart rate monitor again today i was just focusing on my body. Will wear wednesday and thursday. There were also alot of hills in todays run. like a hill around every corner. But i guess too, if you go up, you come down

Chris asked me about my knee and how it was after thursday. I told him it was okay on Saturday but Friday I could barely walk. (I only worked after 3 advil, a day off of my knee and a knee brace) At the end of our run we were talking about thursdays hills, and i just jokingly said "how about we dont do hills anyways" And he doesnt think I should be doing them anyways. So on Thursday Im going for the talk on heart rate training and then doing a 5k easy run. Maybe. Ill see how I feel and if he will let me. He said he was going to tell my mom. Ha.

So here I am once agian with ice on this stupid knee. Am I stuck doing this forever? Sigh.
Tomorrow=eliptical training and weights. Easy eliptical though



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