Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todays run was fun=-) It was just like 5 of us. 3 other girls, Chris the instructor and moi! Me and Chris ran at the front for a bit. Then Chris slowed down I guess and that left me. Everyone was pretty close though but Chris made the "Kid" decide where to go. Ha.

He says "now you have a desision to make, left or right" ha. It was fun. I enjoyed todays run.

Dont know how fast but I do know that the incondesient beeping of my heart rate monitor drove me NUTS!!!! AH. Well hopefully soon I will know what to do with my heart rate monitor. Well like I know what to do with it but I dont know what to do with it. Okay, that doesnt make sense I know how the actual gadget works but I dont actually know what it does other than measure your heart rate. Like how it is beneficial.

In other news, I am making a 100 list. Ill post it sometime. Im on 53 right now. A little over half way there!

Tomorrow, Emily will not be running hills. My knee hurt very badly last time. As in Friday I was all like limpy and stuff. I will just be running at home. I dont know how far I will go, I think that I will just run. I will turn the gadget on to mark it out.

Also, the Garmin 101 is on sale. I think i mite get one. Its only like 80$$ and you get a waterbottle!!!
Also, I am going to convince my science teacher to run the HALF with me on May 8th. We will see if he will though.

I dont know if I will be able to do the half marathon clinic because I will have night school tuesdsay nights. I will be able to work my way up I think. I have a long time. And I will do Sunday Runs with the group. Yes.

Anyways Ima go and Ice the knee as a precautionary measure. Theres dust at my workplace because we are renovating. I am allergic to dust. I swear I will hack up a lung by the end of the week.

Happy running to Everyone! Hope you training is well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans who get the day off work tomorrow. I Had to work on my thanksgiving.



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