Monday, November 20, 2006

1st winter run

Went for a slow recovery run. No gadgets, well other than my ipod but i didnt turn the workout on. I did 5 and 1s instead of 10 and 1s because of my knee. It started bothering me while I was running so I said Okay, 5 and 1s it is. There was hills today. But...


I think I ran for 20ish minutes. Just to work. Then me and my bro had pasta. Hes a good kid (Dont tell him though)

Im trying to eat healthier! It is SO HARD especially with both my jobs and just life in general! Its so hard not to stop for something on the way home. The nutritionist says to eat 6times a day!! I dont know how it can be done. Who has the time to eat every three hours. I have cereal at work in the morning, or oatmeal. Then I eat at lunch, usually somethign thats bad for me. Then Ill go and run with my group and not eat u ntil dinner. After my runs with my group I try to eat good. Really, I have discovered something called Pita Pit. MMMM lol and now I am gonna try and make those at work. cause I could. Honest. So that will be something for next week. and apparently like chick pea salad is VERY good and good for everything else. So ill try almost anything once. I am going to bring Salmon too. And veggies. And nuts for snacks.

My turtle is trying to eat his food now. Its soo funny because his food floats and he'll swim to the top and take it to the bottom and then it floats back up. Haha.

Anyways. I took advil before my run. It seems to be wearing off. Its not just the usual dull ache today, i have like SHARP pains going down my leg and it REALLY hurts. Whatever. Today was also the first day that I had ran below zero. It was minus one degree with the wind chill minus six. Now i am used to the cold but I hate it with a passion and my lungs were BURNING!!!! Ah it was horrible. But Ill get used to it i guess. Whatever. Im hanging in there.

Happy winter running everyone, and those of you lucky enough to not have winter...happy running anyways.

Did I mention there were light flurries? Ha. Winters around the corner.


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