Friday, November 24, 2006


HAHA! I went to my school today. My old school. The highschool that i went to. =)

I saw my friends. Missed them...A lot
Then i talked to my old SCIENCE teacher. Hes the coolest.

He is going to run the half with me. After MUCH deliberation.He thought it was in march. It is in may. He is a bicycler. He has already run one half. When he was sick. His time was 2:17..WHEN HE WAS SICK! He can only do so much better this time.

He said though that since my scan is on December 17th, that I should wait until then before I decide if I am running the half. He said also that I should be very prepared that the surgeon might decide that there is something surgical and that I should stop and do nothing, get it fixed, heal and then aim for the next year.

I am not prepared for that. I am not even THINKING about that. I mean they can't be that worried about it right? if they still let me run. Anyways, he is going to the running room to get a new pair of shoes. Hes a new balance and he says "Once you go new balance you never go back" Ha. Anyways I go back in January to tell him if he has to continue his training and closer to march I am going back so we can be kind of near the same starting point.! =)

Anyways, I am now looking for a half marathon plan. Any good ones??




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