Saturday, November 25, 2006

Half marathon training program


So I have been searching for the last little while for training plans for a half marathon. As you might have already read. I have convinced my highschool science teacher to Aim for the half marathon in may. So... Now that I have done that I have to find myself a Half Marathon Training plan.

This is what I want my training plan to look like:

1. I want my mileage to increase rather quickly so I can work at a higher distance for longer
2. I want the program to have me peak my mileage at 25-27km. Higher than the actual race distance
3. I want minimal hills. My half is a net downhill, there are still little hills that I can handle. They are small. As I have said before, Tiger+Hill Training=gimpy
4. I want to run 4-5 days a week, and crosstrain the other days.

Oprah has a half marathon training plan, Nike has a half marathon training plan, everyone else has a half marathon training plan.

What I am really asking for is just opinions on what plan would work best. And I know I know what works for some may not work for others but What has worked for you folks. My Race is May 12th. I will begin training in January, although I am doing strength training now. (On advice of my science teacher) I dont nesessarily want a training program that will take up the whole 5 months, I want the flexibility to double up weeks or even tripple them up if i need to. taking my time. Ha. Okay well this is the program that I like. But its for a marathon. Can I like cut it in half or something.


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