Monday, November 27, 2006

I emailed Chris. My knees are swollen and gimpy again. I hate this. This whole not finishing what you start thing. But its not like im not finishing it. I am just postponing finishing it. yes, I would like to think of it that way.

I am going to use the next little while to build myself up aerobically and use strength training. Ill make my lungs better and I will come back an even better and stronger runner than before. I will be doing a lot of slow, long distance running.

I think that I did too much too soon. I kind of ignored my body. And i didn't listen to the famous advice of Bruce, Baby-steps. ha.

Well I guess you learn from your mistakes right? We all get injured, and we heal if we let our bodys rest, so, thats what i am going to do. Swimming, Biking, Strength Training, Eliptical and LSD runs. So whatever, I am letting my knee rest my body is just fine.

And I just got a reply to my e-mail

"Sometimes the right desisions are the hardest to make. Focus on getting that knee better and when you are ready let me know and we will hook you up with a clinic. Stay focused, Chris"

I got a little teary eyed writing the email and even more so reading the reply. This it tough



At 9:59 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Howdy! You'll be back stronger than before, and undoubtedly smarter too! Yup, baby-steps, baby-steps!! Happy trails, Bruce


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