Friday, December 15, 2006

Good news. Im still alive.
I went to Chuck E, I worked, and I left. I called my other job, and I told them I didnt think that they would want me there. Well actually, I asked for someone to call me back, and by the time they called, I was SOUND asleep in my bed. My Mom, being the wondeful woman that she is said that I was sick and that it wasnt a good idea for me to be working with the people. She also went on to say that she doesnt like it when I am sick because I get cranky and she doesnt like it when I am cranky. Or so I am told by my boss.
It is amazing what gravol, tylenol cold and sinus, and my ventolin can do. I was knocked out for like 16 hours. Then I went to work at Chuck E, and it was a pretty quiet day, and well, here we are today. I still have some breathing issues, but i feel a million times better

My MRI is on Sunday. The day after tomorrow. I dont think I will know anything until after Christmas though. But as of now, Im doing the half in May.
Its a net downhill but there is a climb at kilometer 10.

Ah, I have so much on my mind. Just silly, unimportant stuff but its bugging me. Nothing that writting, blogging and running cant cure though. I am going to the gym tomorrow. For weight stuff. Like biceps, triceps, etc. Not going to do any cardio yet.

Oh I bought my brother a digital camera for Christmas. Now I am a good sister I am telling you. But this also means that my blog will contain more picutres. You can see a recent pics of me and my family. And Pictures fo all the running clothes that Santa is going to bring me for Christmas.
Lucky You!

Anyways, Hope all is well. Keep Running, Keep Smiling,


At 12:03 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

Howdy! After reading everyone's blog I've been inspired to write my own blog soon. After reading your post, I realize I don't have a camera! Normally I use those cheap throwaway cameras...someday soon I need to get a digital camera.

At 12:29 PM , Blogger AddictedToEndorphins said...


Yeah, I use the cheap throw away cameras too, and you know i guess I needed an excuse to buy one. Its nothing fancy, just a camera I can attatch to the computer!
Dont forget to tell me when you write your blog;)


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