Saturday, December 09, 2006

So, I have almost survived the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK of 16 hour days. Just one more day. One more day. =) And I will have a nice paycheque too. and no time to spend it. Even better.

I think Im burning myself out. BUT it is probably just because i havent had a good run in a while due to the agonizing pain that I have been in. But, I will run tomorrow. It is going to be 7 degrees tomorrow. Celcius, which is about like 50 farenhiet. Im taking advil and doing like 5k. Around my neighborhood. Its pretty nice, actually.

22 days until my race. I am only going to do 5km. It'll be fun too because it will be my first race. I cant wait to write my race report. Wow, that will be an accomplishement. =) I also looked up the route to my half in may. I can actually run the route as practice. It is very pretty too. Im soo lucky to live where I do. See, look at my positive attitude. Ha, oh god its so hard to keep this positive attitude. But you see my effort.

I was talking to my friend who just came back from Florida and she told me how ridiculously cold it was. But I can assure you folks that the world is not turning upside down, It is still cold here in Canada, Eh? Ha sorry I couldnt resist the "EH"

Hmm...theres not much else. OHHH MY TURTLE IS STILL ALIVE:) ha. He has like quadroopled his size.

Anyways, I'll post again monday. On my day off. YES A DAY OFF!!!!

Keep Smilin'



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