Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I should have been running right now. Right this very second I should be running down the waterfront trail in TWENTY degree weather. But I am not. Here I am. Not running. Doing what I should be doing.

This sucks but I think I am still going to do the resolution run, maybe only 5k. Even if I dont, I am going to still get my vest and hat. I have decided.

I had my ultrasound on Monday. There was an issue with my health card last week. I am sooo nervous though. They took like 2000348 pictures, of one spot. Okay well maybe I am eggaturating a little but they wouldnt have taken the pictures if there was nothing wrong i dont think! AHHH well I will know soon.


Anyways, Iam going to get a personal trainer. For about 6 months after my gym opens. I just want them to help me with my aerobic capacity and strenghthing my muscles.

Anyways, Hope all is going welll with everyone.

Already going bonkers. Slowly but surely im coming back


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