Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas was fun! I did the travelling to houses and we drove on a road Called "Emily Provincial Road" In Peterborough. There was also an "Emily Provincial Park" I didnt go to "My Park" but the view from my road was absolutly gorgeous. It looked over like valleys and barns. Note to self: NEVER RUN ON EMILY PROVINCIAL ROAD. too many hills

I will leave you now with some pictures from Christmas

My very first picture Christmas morning. Dont know how Rachel got in my bed but shes not very good at sharing . Above is Grumpy. Hes one of the real 7 dwarfs. Just kidding. We love him

And miss Rachel with her Christmas Gifts. She was pretty excited. And finally that is Me with Baby Madison! Shes soo beautiful
Hope everyone elses holidays went well.


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