Sunday, December 17, 2006

Okay, so I lied. I am going to post today. I am home from the mall and bought myself a present. A digital camera and printer. It was on sale. I couldn't resist. And I dont think that my brother would like me to bug him every time I wanted to take a picture and stuff, so whatever. Whats done is done.

In other news, I had my MRI today.

I was nervous. But it was all good. I fell asleep. It sounded like construction the whole time I was there but, I had ear plugs, and it muffled the sound. It ended up being more soothing than anything, and I had a nap. It took like 40 minutes.

Which makes me more nervous. Did they find something they needed to take pictures of. AHHH im just stressing myself out and worrying myself for nothing. I am assuming that everything is fine unless I am told otherwise.

The insoles that I bought for my shoes dont work. Atleast not today. My knee is bugging me today. I wonder if there are side effects after an MRI. Like PAIN. ha.

Well, whats done is done.

Ill be on edge until I get the results. But I am still starting my training. Yes. This is going to drive me bonkers

So Im going now. I have to work and then...

MY MEGANS COMING OVER:) aw I missed her so much



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