Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I HATE people. HONEST TO GOD! Well like, today I was working and when I work there is honeslty ME and one other staff member. Thats right running an entire store. Difficult, especially on days like today. Emily does cash and kitchen. So some lady complains that the salad doesnt look fresh enough. (ITs not that it wasnt fresh, its that the carrot was "bleeding' onto the white lettuce and made it looook a little discoloured) And so anyways, a salad in itself takes like 20 minutes to make and I have like 5 orders to make, and i had to do cash so honestly I was going to die. But I made the salad. The lady takes it back to her table and eats what she wants and then decides that it is still not fresh enough and wants her money back! AHHHHHH I WANTED TO SCREAM!!!!!!! But no, I had to make her happy, stress, stress, stress.

And what else do I hate, CLOSED MINDED PEOPLE! I said "MERRY CHRISTMAS" To someone by accident. Instead of "Happy Holidays" And you know the response I Got?
Some man going off at me saying "OH WHO ARE YOU TO THINK THAT I CELBRATE CHRISTMAS. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY YOU KNOW HOW COME YOU THINK I CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS" Okay, so next time its like Ramadan and someone in the spirit of the Holiday says "Happy Ramadan" What am I supposed to do, say "OH WHO ARE YOU TO THINK THAT I CELEBRATE RAMADAN THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY"
AHH I am so mad. Like you shouldn't get mad at me for celebrating Canadian Traditions. Im not going to go and change your country. Let me celebrate what I do in mine.

Im sorry. I am so frustrated. I might be overreacting because I am very tired. I also dont want to offend anyone. So if you are offended by this I do appoligize greatly.

In other news, the Christmas party was today. It was fun! I didnt go to laser quest but I was there for the food and stuff. oMG im getting fat.

Im going for a run tomorrow. At about 2. Just home. Mommys gonna pick my stuff up and Im running home. I need to release all this frustration. And I think Im getting fat.

After that, I am going to meet the people from my running class for coffee. They invited me so Im going. I miss it, I really do. So im going to go.

Hmm anything else?? Not really. Oh my knee is BUGGING ME!!! Like, Ice, brace, limp kind of bugging me. :( but ive been working hard. So hard.
Tomorrow I will post pictures! Just gotta figure out how to upload them. I can print them but not upload them. Ill figure it out.

Okay guys, sorry for the long, vent like post,
I hope all is well and that everyones training and lives and holidays and everything is going well.

So Happy Holiday,


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