Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So, I dragged my sorry butt outta the house about an hour ago. Me and rick, (He skated, I ran. Silly Mom didnt want me to go running myself this late.) So. Off we went. Did about 5km. Actually 5.12km. He was faster, but he was on wheels, I wasnt. But its okay. and, I am glad to say...


I felt so good. I didnt have ANY gadgets. it was just a good good run. The endorphins seemed to work theiir magic:) I have also almost convinced rick, my step dad to go skating about 3 times a week. He cant run because of his knees but he can skate. This way I dont run alone in the dark and He gets off his butt too. Its a win win situation. :) He can train for the half with me!!

But, my knee isn't too happy! But its all good cause Im a fighter! Wow. That was a tough week. But Life Goes On. Change Happens. Life Happens. Right? Right.

Anyways gotta go I have a like 19hr day tomorrow.
So sleepy!

Thanks guys


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