Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So... DAY ONE HALF MARATHON TRAINING...failed. Ha. I am still sooo soo sore after the sunday run. Well that and a little bit too much fun Sunday Night. So. I have decided that I will set 3 alarms in the morning, and then I will be out the door by 4:45 am and back by 5:30 so i have time to shower and stuff before a 10 hour day at work.

I will run a lit route down Dundas street or something. Or my loop. I havent decided. Probably just Dundas.. 6km. 3ish out, 3ish back. Yeah. Thats what I think. . Then I will come back and tell all you lovely people how it went.!!! Yay. And The original plan was to take thursdays off but if I run in the mornings I dont have to and I will take Mondays as Recovery days. We will see.

I found something neat about my course. They have this thing and it is called "Marafun" and kids in grades 2-8 have the opportunity to run walk or jog 40 km over 6 weeks. and then they do the last 2km on the actual marathon course with spectators and they get a medal and t-shirt and stuff! That is so cool and I am dragging my Natalie into it:) hehe/

And. I have this pic that I want to crop down but i dont know how to do it. I want to change my profile pic. It has to be I believe 72mb or something. Any Ideas?

TIGER The Racer:)

P.S. Only 130 days until my race!!!!


At 9:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naw, you didn't fail with your half marathon training, you were LISTENING to your body being soo sore from the Sunday run. You're smart to plan your runs on a daily basis according to your body's signals. You are NOT a failure.


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