Friday, January 12, 2007

I think that I finallly have this whole "Listen To Your Body" thing down.
Yeah. Thats quite the accomplishment. My ankle was sore due to running a little weirdly with the dog. Let me tell you this dog was strong. So I ran the next day and my ankle hurt so I cut that run short, and once again made peace with my friend the ice pack. Yeah. Corn on the knee, peas on the ankle ;).
So it is feeling a little better today and I just went on the eliptical. It was boring but better than nothing!

I have an infection of some sort. Hence being so tired. So I am on some sort of antibiotics. I should be better soon. In time for sunday's long run. I wonder, does "Take with food" Mean take after you eat, before you eat or between bites? Hmmm. Interesting.
Well only time will tell I guess.

Me and my Rachel (Little sister) are having a girls night, with pizza and we are going to watch Brother Bear or Charlottes Web (Not my first choice for evening entertainment, but shes 3)

Was going to post a pic, BUT blogger is burping so yeah!
happy Running Folks
TIGER the Racer


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