Monday, January 15, 2007

Picture this. Sun shining, Birds Chirping, Woken to a light breeze coming through my window. Cut cut cut thats not how my morning started. It was gray and cold. And I just looked at the calender sitting on my wall and it said 119 days, I threw my brace on, my tights my pants my shoes, then the heart rate monitor strap and a new shirt i bought, under my old shirt, then the jacket, a mask that made me look like a robber, and a hat. Then my ipod strap and my heart rate monitor watch, Then i was out the door. I ran, and then I felt pretty darn good. I saw the place that I copped out last week, and I was feeling good. Then, we got past that part, and I realized why I copped out. It is uphill for the next 6km. Ahhh it was horrible. But only 119 days. So, I sucked it up. And i ran. And I ran and ran and ran. MY knee was hurting a little and my ankle was hurting a lot. I think the hardware was strapped a little tight. Oh. and about 2 km into my run, the sky started throwing ice pellets at me. Then it turned into snow and it was beautiful. A little slippy but beautiful. Then the wind. The wind started. But. It was interesting to say the least. 12.5 km in the snow. Time 1:33:25. SLOW! Heart rate was average 191 and most 199!!!

What I am doing is going to measure my heart rate every morning. And then after 3 mornings I am going to go to the polar website and enter that. Then It will tell me what my heart rate zones are because obiously the stronger the heart the more it can handle (Words of Wisdom from my science teacher)

Speaking Of him I have to go and see how his training is going.

I also have a plan. When I am at school I am going to have a 2nd period spare. That way, I have 2 hours and 15 minutes. The half marathon course is just around the corner from my school. I will run bits and peices of the course everyday. THen I can go home, have lunch and shower, than go back to school!! honestly you gotta do what you gotta do right??? Only 118 days!!! 118 days, thats like, 102 runs left. Not including the taper which i still havent planned. Hmmmm. Interesting.

I got a paypal account so that I can get my running skirt online.
As for todays run, it is g oing to happen on an eliptical. Thats not a very good eliptical because there is ice outside.

Oh, and I am breaking down, I am buying a garmin. Yes. A garmin. Maybe even the newest one. The 305. I know I have a heart rate monitor. But still. We will see! Anyone have comments about a garmin. I figure I may as well buy something while I am still working full time!

Okay so that is that.
Ok, so I will slowly start posting pics from Niagra Falls. Yeah. Im a little late but Oh well. To the left is us at the Guiness World Record museum with the tallest man in the world. Note: Nobody knew which camera to look at and we are all running on like 2 hours of sleep and we were soo excited:) The top is Stephen closest to the statue and katie in the yellow coat. I am on the bottom below Stephen and Natalie is the one in pink beside me. Jeffery is the little head sticking out. Rachel was too scared to go in.


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