Sunday, January 21, 2007

So, all of my gadgets now have names, courtesy of my 11year old sister and Rick. Yes. Fred is my Garmin, Ethel is my Heart Rate Monitor, and Ricky is my i-pod. Yah, so instead of say "My heart rate monitor was beeping," I will say "Ethel was annoying me" OKay folks, got it?? lol try and keep up. I will remind you periodically.

Anyways, I think me and Fred did a tempo workout today. Not positive but I think so. I pushed myself to the max for 5.38kilometers, and yes. My average pace was 5:53/km. So, that means that if I keep that up for 21.1kilometers, well I dont know. I know i shouldn't have time goals for the half marathon BUT i do. I want a sub 2hour half. Not unreasonable.
So, now is the time that i have to decide my training plan. I will do the hard workouts two times a week, but like, my long runs should be how much slower than my hard workouts. What about the recovery runs? And the distances? how should they vary. NOW IM GETTING CONFUSED!!!! What an art!! Now, to find some sort of order to my words.

Gotta go,
Tiger, Fred, Ethel and Ricky


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