Saturday, January 20, 2007

His Name Is FRED and Im in Love. Ha. Yes. I named my "Virtual Partner" I can see it now, Running down the street yelling "I hate you Fred, Slow Down" or when i am better than Fred I will say "Fred, Eat my dust" Yeah. haha I'm cool. I walked with Fred today. We just walked. With my sister. I guess that there were too many trees cause it took him like a whole minute to connect to the sattelite. But then he got it. We are racing! I love it. Soo fun.

I woke up last night and I couldnt breathe. Not at all I was sooo scared. My inhalers didnt work and ohh man it was not a fun night. I was propped up on a pillow, thats how I survived the night I think. Didnt get much sleep either. That is why I didnt run. That is why I just walked. We may try again a little bit later but if I Cant breathe I cant run. The bad time of year starts now. It ends in like October. I have like 3 good months. But. Thats my life and I have gotten used to it. I just hope that it doesnt interfere with my running.

Well, im going to have a bath, Fred Will have to wait outside.

Happy running
Tiger and Fred


At 8:15 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

I was worried that Fred might not work where you live due to all the tree cover, in that case you might have to rename him "Drop Dead Fred!"


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