Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So, I opted out of todays TEMPO run. I decided to switch Thursday's steady run, to Today,and move Todays TEMPO run until Thursday. Thus a day of recovery.

So, I ate smart today, and I got all my gear on, and Fred got his signal and there I go. I make it 10 METERS before I get to the point where I can't walk let alone run. Maybe yesterdays run was harder than I thought. I wasnt hurting that bad walking, But running is a different story. I am thinking it might be something with my mechanics. I have been fairly diligent with ice and stretching. So it has got to be something else. My one knee I can understand, but my calves I cant, and my other knee. Thats why I think it might be something with my mechanics. Must have someone watch me run. Does anyone have any opinions on this?? Too much too soon maybe??

I feel like I am mentally ready for this 21.1 endevour, and thats half the battle right. And I have like four months to get my body ready for this. Hopefully sub 2 hours, but finishing would be wonderful. (In under 2:10) My 5k time would translate into a 2:06 Half. Im too stubborn for my own good I think.

So, everyone has bad days, I think today is a bad day. And I cant quit if I have a bad day. Attitude is everything.

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this"

Whats your mantra?

Running to Survive


At 1:13 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I'm not sure you're ready for TWO tempo runs a week, might be better to ease into speedwork with just ONE tempo a week.

My mantra "Never Give Up!" worked well for me during the New Las Vegas Marathon.


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