Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SO!!! Today was the FIRST day of my CLINIC!! Thats right. And we did our TEMPO run. And I was nervous as heck on the bus ride there. Then I walked into the parking lot, and said goodevening to someone and they were all nice and said hello, and I walked in and there were a lot of familiar faces and I sat by my friend, who had recently done a half and still decided to do the clinic. So, it started off good. And Rob our Leader is Wonderful! It is going to be a REALLY fun clinic I can already tell:) But we all have our good and bad days! Hopefully more good than bad

So our tempo run, 4km. 22 minutes! Avg Pace: 5:55/km. My tempo run pace is 5:53/km so not too bad. And I think I found my running partner. And hes cute, Even better! And we have the same time goal so yeah!

I overreacted. But I did good today. Although, when I was running, my lower tummy had REALLY bad pains in it and I dont know why. I hadnt eaten for a couple of hours. Interesting. Any Ideas? So it was a good run. Tomorrow is a 3k TEMPO run. Not soo nervous. Just anxious to see how well recovered I am.

So for now, Fred is on his cradle, and the Corn is on my knee!
I am soon going to start weening myself out of the brace and see how it goes.

Tigers out, Happy Running


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