Saturday, January 27, 2007

Long Run

So. Today was my "Long Run". Tomorrow will be my "Medium Long Run" Yes. I have completely re-arranged my training schedule to make it fit what I want it to be.
So that is the graph of todays long run, courtesy of Motionbased. If you ask me what it means, I could not tell you, but I do know that it looks REALLY cool! Haha. Im easily amused. I basically ran to work to pick my ipod up, and then ran back home. It was pretty Hilly. You might be able to see that from the graph but I am not sure. It was 10km. A good run. Pretty slow. My "Moving Pace" was 6.27. The weather was -2degrees. The winds were coming from the SE at 6km/hr. And...Yes.
Thats pretty exciting. I love the new gadgets I have. So, I have a long day tomorrow, and another good distance run, and then, I will create for you all a "Summary" of the First week of training. This seems to be a pretty popular idea. And, I am now on a diet. Officially. Like a serious, just eat healthy diet because I was looking in the mirror, and I think I have packed on a few pounds. Okay, i know I have. I am going to try eating 6 small meals a day and see how it works. Hmm. I wonder.
Anyways, Gotta go,


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