Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not So Long Run/Summary Week 2

So, Today was supposed to be my "Long Run" Done at a 6:34/km pace. Yes, that was originally the plan. Note: I havent blogged in a while because I am visiting my dad and my favourite little sister outside of town this weekend. I will post a picture later. But anyways, I mentioned earlier this week that I was not feeling well and also about my shins and ankles giving me problems, so I took Thursday off due to not feeling well and Friday off due to shin/knee/ankle problems. Saturday my little sister convinced me that instead of running on saturday that we would do some "Cross Training" and that I could go ice skating. SO iceskating we went. Now I am telling you that getting up off ice was probably the extent of the workout. Yes. I am not a good skater. I admit it you cant be good at everything.

But anyways back to todays run. Once again my long run was supposed to be 7km. Yah. **Laughs** I convinced my dad to wake up at 7 30 this morning and take me to the Running Room near his house...and he did. And so I get there at 8 am and there was nobody there because they dont open until 8 30 so we waited in the car yadda yadda yadda. The finally got there about 15 minutes early. Now I had called a few days earlier to see about their practice runs and stuff so they knew that I was coming. Yes. Anyways back to the run. Sorry im not all here still recovering from this mornings run.

Okay so the stats:
3.19kilometers Time: 20:39. No heart rate monitor therefore no Heart stats. Guess what the temperature was?? Can you guess??? Well I dont know becausee I COULDNT FEEL MY TOES FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE RUN! IT WAS MINUS 33!!!!!! Now that is dedication I am telling you. Yes. So its like -11 near where I live so I might run another 7 near my house tonight because I do need to get that in. But until I do, here are the stats for this week

Monday: Scheduled Rest;
Tuesday:4km tempo
Wednesday: 6.1km Steady Run
Thursday: SICK:(
Friday: Sore shins
Saturday: Cross Training. Kindof. Its better than nothing right??
Sunday: A pathetic 3.19km in awful conditions. Yes. Once again better than nothing.

So. the total for this week is only like 13 km.

I am running out of sick days. Soon, I am going to have to call in dead. hahahah im kidding.

Next week, I have a new plan. I will run Monday at lunch because OH YAH i am back in school. Tuesday I will run with the running room. Wednesday: Lunch again Thursday: Maybe try the morning. Friday Rest. Saturday: Long run Sunday: Medium Long run

Mileage hopefully 32km

Thank goodness for this blog. Because I dont want to come in here and tell you folks that I didnt run as much as I said I would. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading'



At 10:18 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Good week for you, even though you were ill, sore body parts AND Minus -33 DEGREES!! You're defintely hanging tough!!


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