Thursday, February 01, 2007

1 Day Late

Got too busy to blog after yesterdays run.
So here it is

'General Aerobic Run' (How fast should they be run at anyways?)Distance:6.12km Time:39:45 Pace: 6:39/kilometer. Did not wear heart rate monitor. Sick of its incondescent beeping. Must remember to measure resting HR in the morning. Then go to Polar US website and enter heart rate for the last 3 mornings and they will create my "zones" for me. and THEN there should be no incondescent beeping. This run is always a 'loop'. Thinking of adding onto the loop to make it longer, and then eventually doing it 2 times, maybe even 3 times.

Shins, knees AND ankles were bugging me throughout yesterdays run. Mostly on the right side and they are Still bugging me this morning. It cant be time for a new pair of shoes yet, I have barely 200km on them. They should last 600-700km. Nevertheless, will take them into the Running Room and have my feet reassessed and they can check out my shoes and stride and gait and all that good jazz.

May or May not run today. Body doesnt seem to be up to it.

Thanks guys,

*EDIT*: I was reading a runners dictionary. It said 'Cardiac Creep' - pulse rate increases despite pace stays same due to dehydration. Heart pumps harder to carry the same amount of oxygen. Could this be why my heart beats so fast in the first place??? That I dont drink enough water??? ***LIGHTBULB MOMENT***


At 3:35 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

General Aerobic Runs are done at conversational pace, around 65-70% of maximum heart rate. Cardiac drift also happens due to being unfit for the distance, overheating, humidity, steep hills, as well as dehydration. Good idea to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


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